5 Essential Pet Supplies Every Pet Owner Must Have

You are not a real pet owner until you are able to ascertain and procure all the basic Pet Supplies to keep your pet happy and healthy. In actual fact, it is advised that you shop for your pet supplies before bringing the little guy home. This is to ensure that you do not leave your dog, cat, or rabbit wanting as a result of the lack of an item.

Pet Supplies

Having said this, it is also important that you do not go overboard with purchasing pet supplies as many pet owners end up wasting money buying supplies that are not needed and are eventually wasted. This means that even as you try to show love and care to your pet, it is important that you are also prudent and reasonable to avoid wasting your hard-earned money on frivolities. The pet supplies you get are largely dependent on the type of pet you go for just as it is of utmost importance that you get dog training kits when you plan on purchasing a puppy.

Regardless of the type of pet you buy whether it is a German shepherd or a rabbit, there are basic supplies that should be on your list as you go shopping for supplies. 5 of such pet supplies are briefly discussed below.

Food and Water Bowls

This is important for any pet type as mentioned above. Whether it is a dog, rabbit, cat, or even bird, you need to feed your pet and feeding your pet in a bowl is the best option if not the only one. You therefore need at least a food bowl and a water bowl. Since your pet will be fed daily, the bowls are probably the most used item of all the supplies. You therefore might want to get more than one bowl for water and food.

It is also important to note that you might require spending more on this item compared to others as you want to be sure you are getting some of the highest quality your Money can buy. Durability is very important and you might want to but a stainless steel dish or something sturdy to ensure it lasts for long.


Yes, a bed. Just as you need a place to rest your head, so does your pet. A bed is an absolute necessity for your pet be it a dog or cat. A bed is not just a place of sleep for your pet, it is a place where he finds solace and would go there when scared or when he wants to have some “me” time.

Grooming Supplies

While humans have nails on their fingers and toes, and hair on the body, pets have toenails and fur that grow. It is therefore your responsibility to ensure that your pet is tidy and healthy by regularly grooming it. A trip to the pet supermarket will reveal different grooming supplies that can be bought for your pet. Some of them include shampoos, nail clippers, and brushes. You however need to be careful in the selection of the right type of supplies and checking pet supplies online will go a long way to help you achieve this.

Travelling Supplies

This part might not be particularly applicable to persons that almost never travel though we all need to move around every once in a while. That being said, travelling with your pet would require that you purchase some travelling supplies to ensure that your pet is adequately catered to as you are on the move. While some items you use at home like the food and Water bowls, the least and may be the bed can be taken along with you as you travel, you might want to purchase a kennel when you have to fly your pet and a bag to help keep your pet toys and grooming supplies.


Every pet loves to play and you need pet toys to keep them happy and amused. It is important that you do not buy too many toys as just a few toys will do. Variety is important and not cluttering.
As mentioned earlier, the pet supplies you get will depend on the pet you buy. If your pet is a fish, you need an aquarium and its accessories. The supplies mentioned above will help in raising a healthy and happy pet.